Asteroids PDF Book – How they work

In this article I want to share a book with you about steroids. The book is free and can be downloaded in pdf format.

Dose: milligrams and millilitres
Dose: International Units
Injectable steroids: doses and frequency
How they work
Fat loss and thyroid drugs
Side effects
Which syringe?
Choosing the right needle
Oral steroids: doses and frequency
Aromatase inhibitors (AIs) and selective oestrogen receptor modulators (SERMs)
Testosterone shut down and ‘Post Cycle Therapy’ (PCT)
Growth enhancers and peptides
Fat loss and thyroid drugs

Download PDF BOOK

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Sara Viesca

I have been researching and writing about Clenbuterol for the past years, and the subject has been fascinating for me. Many people has started to take clen and that's why i was interested to gather more information about the pills, its side effects, dosages, pros and cons. Send me any useful information you may have, so it might be published on the site.

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