Side Effects

Clenbuterol is drug that is known to help people suffering from lung problems like asthma. This medicine helps a person breathe normally and is also used by some veterinarians to treat animals who suffered from breathing disorders. The sufferer may feel relief upon taking the pills, but there are also side effects they experience on the other hand. There are five side effects. These are the most common are insomnia, muscle cramps, shakes, anxiety,  headache. Shakes  and jitters are a common side effect for most anti asthma medications felt mostly by the hand. This is because of the nervous system that reacts with the medicine. But sooner or later, the body is also able to adapt to this type of side effect.

Insomnia is experienced by many but not all. Since this is a stimulating pill, others people who suffers insomnia are advice to take it during daytime. The body gets to work throughout the day and will no longer bother the person not to sleep since the body and mind is tired and needs to rest as well.

Anxiety is a very common side effect to any stimulants. No one can tell when will anxiety strikes to an individual taking stimulants. But rest assured that it won’t take long enough. Users of clen will be perfectly ok.

Muscle cramps is one serious side effect of clenbuterol that may lead to cardiac hypertrophy. Since this steroid affects the muscles, sometimes it will target cardiovascular muscles. If you sense any muscle cramp, it is best to drink plenty of water. By drinking plenty of water, muscle cramps will occur very seldom.

Before and after taking clenbuterol
Good results after properly set strategy for weight loss

Headaches are side effects that one will feel if the dosage is too high especially when you are still starting to take the drug. It is always best to start on small dosage and observe the reactions then gradually increase. By doing this, headache is less experienced by the user.
There are also serious side effects because this may lead to death when overdosed because it may cause the heart muscles to stiff as it cramps. There is also another negative effect on the thyroid that may lead to serious illness called hypothyroidism. The pill is known to burn fats and make a person lose weight. But sometimes the weight loss of a person may lead to uncontrollable hypothyroidism.

Clenbuterol Used as Lose Weight Pill

The pill is a thermal type of steroid that causes the body to increase its temperature that burns fats and calories faster. It is known as a powerful fat burner and is more effective when done with well planned diet. Though this is not the main point of using the kind medication, but people see to it as an excellent fat burner since the mitochondria of the cells will release more heat. Through this action, metabolism becomes faster. On the hand, the body will also get used with reactions and makes the clen no longer effective to lose weight. It is better to take it at small doses then gradually increasing it for about two weeks. Take at least not more than 100 grams per day. Take a two weeks rest taking clenbuterol and resume again for another two weeks by starting small doses.