Clenbuterol is good for a healthy workout

Most often, this drug is used for endurance in running standards and by builders who are cleared of pre-race fat. It increases the temperature in the body and helps to burn more quickly the subcutaneous accumulations with a good workout. Clenbuterol is known in bodybuilding environments as a powerful stimulant that melts fat, promotes muscle growth, and facilitates the buildup of high-quality muscle mass. This drug also shortens the recovery period and has a significant anti-catabolic effect that slows down the muscle’s protein expenditure.

Clenbuterol works well on beta receptors in muscle tissue and body fat. Generally, this preparation induces thermogenesis in which the level of metabolism increases by about 10 percent, and body temperature increases by up to about one-and-a-half degrees.

Clenbuterol is often used as an alternative to steroids because it has their anabolic properties but to a lesser extent. It’s not accidental that some specialists call it the “steroid nonsteroid”. It is particularly suitable for “natural” bodybuilders, whose goals are to increase muscle strength and firmness.

Side effects that may occur due to the use of clenbuterol are: palpitations, irregular heartbeats, insomnia, high blood pressure, muscular perceptions, minor toothache, irritability, headache, severe sweating.

Because clenbuterol is so strong that its doses are measured in micrograms, the likelihood that the normal dose of inattention or distraction will become overdose is quite real. Therefore it should be taken only in recommended doses and not exceed its intake.

Clenbuterol is a Beta-mimetic, which means it acts on the Beta receptors in the muscle cell in general. It is commonly used by asthmatics because it acts on the smooth airway muscles. But it also works well on beta receptors in muscle tissue and body fat in general, creating thermogenesis (ie increasing the temperature of the body and thus burning the excess of all our calories). The general opinion of athletes is that Clenbuterol drastically alters the body composition of fat and muscle tissue.

In one study, overweight men are placed on a diet with limited calorie access and a strongly reduced fat content. For ten weeks, the group that additionally received Clenbuterol lost an average of 11.4 kilograms. The control group without Clenbuterol at the same time sheds 8.7 kilograms. At first glance, this does not seem to be a big difference, but if you look at the results more closely, you will learn interesting things. That is, the control group without Clenbuterol has lost more than 5.2kg of fat another 3.5kg of muscle.

The cllenbuterol group back, adds 1.2 kg of muscle, but also loses 12.6 kg of fat. It should be noted that no further sporting activity is carried out in this study. Athletes used Clenbuterol report the huge fat loss. It is not uncommon to lose 5 to 6 kg of fat within four to five weeks (pay attention to fat, not water).

Application of Clenbuterol

This is a very difficult topic. Because this is still a young drug and there are few research in this area. And there is also no valid formula for everyone. Scientists have found that the anabolic effect of Clenbuterol reaches its maximum after daily intake for 18 days.

Thereafter, saturation of Beta-receptors occurs in the muscle cell. As saturation begins after the 14th day of admission, scientists have figured out something. In order to avoid the saturation of the receptors in the muscle cell and thus preserve the anabolic effect of Clenbuterol, scientists prescribe daily intake for 14 days after this period of two days of pause and two days of use. This schedule allows to avoid saturation of receptors in the muscle cell and thus preserve the anabolic effect of Clenbuterol. Thus, its effect is maintained for 8-10 weeks of use.

After that time, most of the athletes are receiving receptor saturation in the muscle cell, so that Clenbuterol should stop for 4-6 weeks to be able to act again optimally. To further accelerate the breakdown of fat, some athletes take a break in the two days often with the combination of Efedrine, Caffeine and aspirin, but for this combination read more about Ephedrine. Whoever is primarily interested in the fat-breaking properties of Clenbuterol may take the same medication for many weeks each day until the body temperature measured from 37.1-37.6 starts to fall continually for several days.

Here too, as with anabolic steroids, there are very different dosages for individuals. Women have been shown to achieve optimal results with 3-4-mcg (1.5-2 tablets) and for men the ideal dosage ranges from 5-6 mcg (2.5-3 tablets) per day it is advisable to take them at different times of the day, for example one morning after getting up and the second dose after noon. These are quite reasonable dosages that ensure good results while adhering to the described routes of administration.

It is recommended to take Clenbuterol by observing its response to the body, namely to increase the dose and to determine the body temperature for the athlete, which dosages are best suited. The body temperature, for example, in three pills reaches 37.3 ° C, and increasing the dose does not cause it to increase, the dose increase should be stopped and the three pills given daily. Considering that a higher temperature of 37.6 ° C is not necessary and desirable. Tablets take up to about 14 hours and therefore do not need to be taken more than twice a day.

Clenbuterol is a drug that is a pre-competitive preparation or cleansing program. Some professional bodybuilders are starting to use it during the last month of their pre-competitive training. Athletes take between 60-120kg, several times a day. Continuous taking may result in receptor depletion. So they take it on vacation. Some accept it under the two-day reception scheme, two days rest. Cycles last for 6-12 weeks. The side effects are expressed in nervousness, fingers, headaches.

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