Francisco Vargas tests positive for Clenbuterol

Mexican Olympian and current lightweight champion, Francisco Vargas recently had a voluntary drug test done by a doping association based in Las Vegas and he tested positive for a banned steroid. Yes, positive! The Mexican boxer tested positive for Clenbuterol, a steroid that helps in burning fat.

Francisco Vargas - boxing

The amateur boxer is scheduled to headline a highly anticipated bout against his fellow Mexican compatriot, Orlando Salido that will be broadcasted on HBO, live from Carso, California. Oh! The match will be his first title defense and he will be facing a former title holder. No you understand the gravity of the situation.

Could his title and his first defense be in jeopardy?

I hope not, because Salido also has his dark past with drugs. I mean, this guy won the title back in 2006 from Robert Guerrero, but was later stripped off the title, fined and suspended after he was tested positive for a particular substance after the bout. That’s how he lost the title. Like seriously?

Well Vargas’ official promoters, Golden Boy, came out publicly and acknowledged of the positive results but went ahead to state that Vargas didn’t take the substance knowingly. ”Bandido” is highly convinced that … Continue reading...

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How to build sexier body with clen

Cool sexy body with clenbuterolMany people also take the pills to achieve good results in sports – baseball, tennis, cycling, football, etc.  It works great, if you take the drug following strict cycle and dosages – for which you need to follow good guidelines, and of course, consult and talk to your doctor.

In addition to sport purposes, clenbuterol has also been used to lose weight and get better looking body.  Especially now, with the upcoming summer season, people are going crazy about their looks.  They just want to get rid of all extra pounds, gained in the winter.  It’s not that easy though to build a good body in just several months.  It takes years to do that.  With pills, such as clenbuterol, it might speed up the process a bit, but still, you’ll need to exercise, strict diet, and follow the proper clen cycle.  You can find out more about good dosage cycle here.  (as mentioned above, always consult a doctor before taking any pills).

Ready to get that good looking body? Start doing the right things today, and just keep doing it – if you give up, all will disappear in just weeks.

Sexy body with clenbuterol



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Clenbuterol: A Path To Easy Success

Clenbuterol tabsClenbuterol’s other names are Spiropent, Ventipulmin. This drug is most widely used as sympathomimetic amine by people who suffer from breathing disorders. It is used as decongestant and bronchodilator. The usage helps the patients suffering from breathing disorders in breathing easily.

Effects and dosage
This is well known as β2 against which have structural similarities with epinephrine and salbutanol. But it is more effective and the affects long last as a stimulant. The use of this drug increases the aerobic capacity of the body, blood pressure and transportation of oxygen. Clen dosage increases the metabolism rate of the body and the body fat gets dissolved early and easily and helps the relaxation of muscles.

The medicine is usually taken in doses of 20-60µg a day when prescribed by a right person. For men it should be 40µg and for women it should be 20µg in a day.

Cases of Clenbuterol’s uses
Clen can be used successfully if taken properly. Get the dose administered under right supervision. If not then it can lead to bad consequences. But one should remember that excess of everything is bad.

Case of Jessica Hardy
She is a famous American swimmer. She was found guilty … Continue reading...

5 Common Mistakes While Using Clenbuterol

How to use clenbuterolWhy Clenbuterol affect adversely? After all, such a famous weight loss supplement can’t be so rude to us. Is there any mistake that we are doing during its intake? Answer is a big yes. Statistics shows that people, who suffer the harmful side-effects of this drug, have a fine history of its improper use. But, I can’t see anything wrong in my method. This is the common answer that I got from most of the clenbuterol users. So, here are few common mistakes that people do while cycling the pill called clen.

1. Curiosity to lose weight. Many people are very curious & expect the drug to expel fats in just a week. This is the results of exaggeration of its features by pharmacies that they must have read on internet. It should be kept in mind that it takes time of at least 3-4 months to work. Never try to alter the quantity of dose for quick effects. Many people are observed increasing the quantity more rapidly over the cycles. This forms the biggest source of mistake.

2. Taking it for long period. Never take any steroid for the time more than prescribed. This makes body to get dependent … Continue reading...

Why clenbuterol usage has side effect?

Cool clen side results

Clenbuterol side effectsClenbuterol is a very effective medicine for weight loss. It was formulated to work for the asthmatic patient but found popularity among people wanting to lose weight in very quick time. It is very potent medication which is used in overall world for its weight loss properties but still it has its side effect because it is very strong medicine which can’t be used without proper prescription and direction.

Some side effects of the medicine are listed below to show why it happens when it is such a popular medication worldwide.

Expectation of instant result
Clenbuterol is very effective to take down your excessive fat in very less time. But some time when you read about a medication in a magazine or online in exaggerated way you think that you can lose weight through it just in a week. This expectation of instant wonder often proves fatal for the user as they take it irregularly in high expectation but end up getting those side effects.

Clenbuterol is a steroid and very strict prescription drug so you can’t take it in an irregular way or can’t take it for granted. Never use tablets more than prescribed to you by your … Continue reading...

10 Tips To Lose Weight With Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol diet

Losing weight is a lot of hassle and dieting and lowering food intake to almost nothing. Nowadays supplements are very useful for the weight loss too. Few People join gym and some hire trainer to get great results, some go through grueling exercise regimen to get the intended result, but here is clenbuterol pill, which if you use as directed can help you reduce your weight in several months.

Clenbuterol dietHere are few points that you can apply to lose weight using weight loss medicine Clenbuterol.

1- Get correct direction from your doctor and use it as you are prescribed by your Doctor and use this medicine in a definite cycle to make it work wonder for you. You should be careful of not using this medication just reading about it online or from some other magazines.

2- Since clen is a strictly prescription based drug; you have to be careful of outcome of its usage and have to use it very carefully. You will most likely need to buy the pill online, and here you need be careful on how you choose your supplier.

3- You have to use this drug in cycles ,either you can choose to use it … Continue reading...