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Home Celebrates 25th Years & Declares 25 Challenges! Celebrates 25th Years & Declares 25 Challenges! celebrates 25th years & declares 25 challenges as a pivotal fitness resource for over 25 years. It has also educated and motivated millions worldwide. Despite evolving health landscapes, its robust, blue-collar approach has kept it prominent. What makes stand out in such a competitive market?

The answer lies in its community. isn’t just a retailer; it’s a hub for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. With 13 million social media followers and extensive BodySpace and BodyFit memberships, the platform fosters deep user community ties. Millions visit monthly, attracted by its comprehensive offerings and inclusive atmosphere. The new mission statement reaffirms as a welcoming community for all fitness levels.


Founded in 1999, has dedicated itself to making fitness a sustainable journey for millions worldwide. The brand has been instrumental in shaping the fitness industry through its innovative approach to products and programming. With six private-label brands, a range of supplements, activewear, and equipment, continues to empower individuals to build their bodies, minds, and ultimately their lives, aligning with its mission to support health and wellness goals on a global scale.

History of

As celebrates 25th years & declares 25 challenges, it has evolved from a modest startup into a leading force in the online fitness world. It also plays a significant role in shaping approaches to fitness, supplements, and wellness.

Origin and Early Days

Founded in 1999 by Ryan DeLuca, started as a small online retailer in a Boise, Idaho garage. The original aim was simple: to provide an assortment of bodybuilding supplements through an eCommerce platform. However, DeLuca quickly realized the potential to create a community-centered space dedicated to all aspects of fitness and bodybuilding.

Expansion and Innovation

By the early 2000s, had expanded beyond selling supplements. It introduced a wealth of informational resources, including training guides, nutritional advice, and various articles written by fitness experts. This period marked a significant transformation as the site became a comprehensive hub for fitness enthusiasts.

One of the site’s flagship offerings, the BodySpace community, was launched in 2006. This fitness social network lets users track workouts, share progress, and connect with others with similar goals. BodySpace was a pioneering concept then, predating many modern social fitness apps.

Milestones and Achievements

  • Awards: Since 2005, the website has hosted the annual Supplement Awards, which help consumers find peer-reviewed favorites in various supplement categories.
  • Innovative Tools and Features: The introduction of tools like All Access provided users with extensive fitness plans and video guides from renowned trainers. This subscription service further solidified the site’s reputation as a one-stop shop for fitness.
  • Global Expansion: The expansion into international markets, with dedicated services and shipping to numerous countries, helped globalize its reach.

Influence on the Fitness Community has significantly influenced the fitness industry by making training and nutritional information accessible to a global audience. It has empowered millions to control their fitness journeys, regardless of location or fitness level.

The platform has consistently stayed at the forefront of digital innovation in fitness, adapting to new technologies and changing consumer behaviors. For instance, its shift towards mobile-friendly content and interactive online coaching has addressed the growing trend of mobile usage in fitness tracking and instruction.

Legacy and Continuing Impact

As celebrates its 25th year, its impact is evident not just in the products sold but in the thriving community it has built. The platform has hosted over 35 million members in the BodySpace community, a testa

What Does It Aim To Do?

The ethos of is clear: it serves not just the aspirational bodybuilder but also the everyday people who aim to improve incrementally every day—be they runners, weightlifters, or general wellness seekers. The community mantra is about being extraordinary in one’s way, supporting the journey from dreaming to doing. The company promises to supply the tools for success—information, motivation, and the products necessary to pursue a healthier, more active life.

In celebration of its 25th anniversary, has launched the “Strong 25 Challenge.” This 12-week transformation challenge commemorates the company’s legacy and offers participants a chance to win $20,000 in prizes. During these 12 weeks, provides essential guidance on exercise, nutrition, and rest—fundamental elements for anyone looking to transform their life. Contestants are encouraged to document their progress through before-and-after photos, with the winners set to be announced later in the summer.

The prizes for the challenge are particularly notable, featuring contributions from leading wellness brands. These include high-tech fitness equipment like the 1-Person Infrared Sauna from Sun Home Saunas and the Frontier X2 Heart Rate Monitor from Fourth Frontier, health-focused benefits like three months of meal prep from Trifecta Nutrition, and numerous supplements to support the contestants’ fitness journeys. Throughout the challenge, will also highlight participants’ stories across its social media and email channels, providing ongoing inspiration and support.

Sign-ups for the Strong 25 Challenge began on April 24, 2024, and will close on July 17, with winners announced by August 5, 2024. For those inspired to redefine their physical fitness and wellness this year, further details and entry instructions can be found on the challenge’s dedicated webpage:

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