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Home Champ Tragedy Bodybuilder Neil Currey, 34, Died After Taking Lethal Mix of Drugs as Heartbroken Parents Blame Steroids for His Death

Champ Tragedy Bodybuilder Neil Currey, 34, Died After Taking Lethal Mix of Drugs as Heartbroken Parents Blame Steroids for His Death

An inquest revealed that 34-year-old bodybuilding champion Neil Currey tragically passed from a deadly drug combination, underscoring the risks of steroid abuse in bodybuilding. They found Currey unresponsive in his flat in Sheffield in September of the previous year. Long-term steroid use and a lethal mix of methamphetamine and cocaine determined the cause of death.

At the inquest, his parents, Nigel and Sandra Currey, detailed Neil’s shift from personal trainer to professional bodybuilder. Neil had achieved his lifelong goal of competing at the prestigious Mr. Olympia during the Olympia Fitness & Performance Weekend in 2022. However, the pressures to maintain an optimal height/weight ratio led him to depend heavily on steroids.

Who Is He?

Neil Currey, a prominent bodybuilder, earned a niche through his impressive achievements and dedication to fitness. Born in the UK, Currey’s bodybuilding began with a passion for fitness and striving for physical excellence. Known for his sculpted physique and rigorous training, he quickly gained prominence, inspiring fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

His career was marked by numerous accolades in bodybuilding competitions, earning him a reputation as one of the sport’s dedicated athletes. Beyond the stage, Neil was also a respected fitness coach and mentor, known for his approachable demeanor and willingness to share his knowledge with others. His influence extended beyond the gym, as he became a motivational figure for many in the fitness community, advocating for health and wellness through both physical activity and mental resilience.

Tragic Impact of Steroid Abuse

According to his parents, Neil’s steroid consumption became excessive, contributing to the risks associated with steroid abuse in bodybuilding. By early 2023, his dependency caused severe mental health issues and family estrangement. They highlighted that the use of these performance-enhancing drugs is a widespread, albeit controversial, practice within the bodybuilding community. They noted that while essential for this sport, such practices are cheating in other disciplines.

The assistant coroner, Katy Dickinson, concluded that Neil’s death was drug-related. Following his death, the bodybuilding community expressed profound sorrow. Tributes poured in, led by notable figures such as Milos Sarcev, a fellow bodybuilder, who reminisced about Neil’s joyous moment when he won the New York Pro, achieving his dream of qualifying for Mr. Olympia. Sarcev shared his deep loss, stating he was “lost for words and filled with pain and sadness.”

Another prominent bodybuilder, Canadian Fouad Abiad, lamented the news, praising Neil’s unmatched work ethic and potential. Neil Currey’s career highlights include his participation in Mr. Olympia, where he placed 16th in the Classic Physique category, and his competitions in insignificant events like the New York Pro and Puerto Rico Pro. He was also a star presence in bodybuilding competitions across Europe, Kuwait, and Japan, showcasing his dedication and prowess.

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