How to use stimulus for muscle building?

In recent years, many researchers has confirmed that muscle-induced muscle growth is at the root of Clenbuterol induced muscle growth. This leads to an increase in muscle cells and is reflected in the increase in muscularity. This process is specific for skeletal muscles. This may exclude increases and increases in organs with smooth muscles. Either the intestine, the liver and the kidneys remain unaffected by anabolic activity.

Let’s look at the muscle-building action of clen more closely. Although the muscle building activity of clenbuterol is observed in both slow-shrinking and fast-shrinking muscle fibers, it appears to be specific to only one type of muscle fiber. One muscle consists of type 1 muscle fibers, these are slowly shrinking red muscle fibers. Type 1 reacts to aerobic activity and adapts to the load, absorbing more oxygen and making it more durable. Type 2 triggers an anaerobic load / weight training so that these muscle fibers grow slightly each time they load. The ratio of muscle fibers of type 1 and type 2 is different for each muscle.

Most bodybuilders have significantly faster shrinkable muscle fibers. To be of interest to bodybuilders, the clen should stimulate first-rate shrinkable white muscle fibers. All research has shown that the pills activate mainly rapidly shrinking white muscle fibers! i. type 2. This way, associated with heavy workouts / basic exercises with 6-8 reps / is very suitable for building muscles. Over time, it has been found that the anabolic effect of clen also occurs in untreated muscles. This means that muscle grows always, regardless of whether it is trained or not. In this connection, there is a non-compensatory anabolic effect.

As with both fat breakdown and muscle building, clenbuterol appears to be acting regardless of age. This means that older athletes will also gain good muscle growth as well as younger athletes. Studies have shown that even with reduced food intake of over 50%, the anabolic activity of the drug is retained. The anabolic effect is only lost on a full zero diet, i.e. when fasting for a few days, without taking any food.

What happens to muscle building when the athlete stops Klenbuterol? Dr. Michael Colgan, in the article mentioned above, states: “The muscles built with clenbuterol were still available for six weeks after stopping the medicine.” Indeed, athletes who have taken the magic pills for some time can confirm that the achieved at this muscle mass is preserved, which is especially appreciated by athletes participating in doping competition competitions.

When it is taken, the athlete receives an extra large influx of strength. Strength increases in leaps and turns especially in so-called “big” bar-bar, squat and dead-thrust exercises, with an increase of 20 to 30 kg in these exercises within four weeks is a rare occurrence. behind the neck, hauling, balancing, buoyancy, buckets, etc., too, a significant influx of force is produced. Most athletes find that when drug is taken, the increase in strength does not run parallel to muscle growth. it is right that the stronger the muscle becomes, the more massive it is, but with the adoption of the ratio changes in favor of the increase in strength. strength is slightly less, or, otherwise, the increase in strength is unusually large for the concomitant muscle growth. Clenbuterol is also very popular in lifting weights and powerlifting.

WARNING! Although research has shown the already mentioned non-compensatory muscle-building effect for clenbuterol, this has not been convincingly demonstrated in athletes. On the contrary, the muscle building action of clenbuterol depends heavily on the right training form. This explains why some athletes, when taking it, only decompose a lot of fat without adding any extra muscular substance. Whoever takes anabolic steroids and is accustomed to building his muscles with so-called “pumping training” (many series, many exercises and repetitions), will not notice significant success with the pills with regard to the growth of strength and muscles. If the athlete just wants to break down the fat with klenbuterol, is completely indifferent to how he trains or whether he is training at all, but whoever wants to build muscle and muscle further – and who does not want it – will not get away with a hard workout. as was pointed out Nate, clen acts primarily on type 2 muscle fibers. These type 2 muscle fibers are best stimulated by explosive movements with heavy weights and relatively few repetitions, but athletes who remain blind to this fact do not do that. it has become clear that the bodybuilders who have taken it in the anabolic breaks and have maintained their usual pumping training build significantly less strength and muscle than those who have undergone heavy exercise exercises with relatively few II. As has been said, the degradation of body fat is by itself, but who wishes to achieve optimal results in increasing strength and muscle is better to choose the right training form.

Let me summarize once again. Clenbuterol belongs to the Beta-2-mimetic group. Beta-2- mimetics cause three different changes in the body:
1. They stimulate the sympathetic nervous system.
2. They increase the rate of exchange of substances so that fat is broken down.
3. They act directly on muscles.

Here we are only interested in the third point. It is important to distinguish the smooth muscles from the cross-cut skeletal muscles. All Beta-2-mimetics, except clen, only affect the smooth muscles. Only this drug causes skeletal muscles to build up. The muscle cell begins to grow when it begins to accumulate more protein. The tablets have a strong anti-catabolic effect, i.e., it reduces the rate at which the protein degrades from the muscle cell. This automatically increases the protein content in the muscle cell. Another reason for the increased accumulation of protein in the muscle cell is that, as already shown in the last chapter, causes the “redistribution effect.”

This means that Clenbuterol causes the body not to accumulate dietary intake of nutrients in the form of fat, but to collect them as protein in the muscle cell. “Studies have shown that increased muscle growth is mainly due to the anti-catabolic action of it and its” redistribution effect. ” The scientific literature also reports an extra anabolic action of the tablet. Until today, it is still unclear how strong this anabolic action is and what role it plays in the increased accumulation of protein in the muscle cell. Clenbu (as it is also known) has superior muscle building properties, the action of which is compared to that of anabolic steroids. The building block of the steroids is at least as powerful as the anabolic action of many steroids.
Research has shown that the drug does not give up on most of its anabolic steroids in its muscle-building action.

Clenbuterol does not contain hormones and thus does not disturb hormone production inherent in the body. Studies have shown that it does not affect the most important hormones of the human body – testosterone, growth hormones and insulin.

Whoever uses this pill for the first time will find that gaining weight is not as great as the popular mass steroids. Some athletes who take them to build muscles do not even gain weight at all. It does not work? Do not worry, because the physical improvement of the athlete is not counted as much on the scale as in the mirror. This is due primarily to the fact that the clen, contrary to most anabolic steroids, does not retain additional water in the body. In practice, it has become clear that building muscle and fat degradation when taking them are often in a similar proportion. If a calorie-reduced diet is conducted at the same time, the ratio is shifted in favor of fat breakdown. It is not uncommon to build up 5- 6 kg of muscle at the 8-week Clenbuterol administration period and at the same time to lose a similar amount of fat without changing the eating habits. And here we are talking about hard and solid muscles, not for wrinkled and watery weight gains, as with some steroids.

Clenbuterol has been a preferred pill by many athletes and body builders.  It works but need to be taken with caution and advice by doctor.

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