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Athletes have reported to this investigator that they are using clenbuterol for its reputed anabolic affects as well as its lipolytic effects. The most straightforward application is simple daily consumption. The customary starting dose is twice that recommended for treatment of bronchospasm. The customary form is capsular or tablets and not the inhalation route. A more sophisticated shedule of 3 wk on and three of is also being utilized. During the 3-wk “on” period the drug is taken for 2 consecutive days and discontinued for 2 d. Presumably this avoids some of the receptor down-regulation referred to above. Typical doses. Although exceeding that recommended for bronchodilation, still rank far below those used in most growth-promoting animal trials. It is often taken along with niacin with the idea of improving muscle blood flow and thereby, the distribution of the drug. Some have taken Sudafed, ephedrine, or phenylpropanolamine in the two “off” days with the hope of thwarting down-regulation.

Athletes who have been using anabolic steroids and must present to competition with clean urine are faced with discontinuing steroids well in advance of contest dates. Clenbuterol has been used following the discontinuation of steroids to retard muscle mass loss and to aid in “stripping” subcutaneous fat for improved muscle definition. DiPasquale reports that clenbuterol is being used in combination with other perfomance-enhancing drugs such as growth hormone, GABA, and anabolic steroids.

Reports of side effects by illegal users of clenbuterol in the U.S. Are understandably minimal. Some athletes have indicated that they have discontinued the drug due to a disconcerting adrenergic tremor, while others have reported a transient tachycardia they felt was of no consequence. Patients seen in our clinic complained of vasodilator flushing and itching: however, clenbuterol was taken in capsular form also containing niacin.

The United States Olympic Committee bans the use of clen as it does all B2 agonists other than those approved for use in medical treatment of asthma. These would appear in urine samples in the scant quantities produced by using the drug via metered dose inhalers.

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