Clenbuterol and its Interaction(s) with Your Mammoth Guns

If you get one sentence out of this section on clenbuterol and skeletal muscle, please let it be this: clen is never going to get you big, but it is extremely good at keeping you big once you get there. Yes, i know clenbuterol is wicked-anabolic in Dawley-Sprague hyperphagic wombats, but you are a human, and the amount of clenbuterol it would take for you to see a genuine anabolic effect would  also put you in a coffin, so let’s just let that one go.

Now, i said clen’s not anabolic, but it certainly does have positive ramifications for protein synthesis, primarily through the beta2s, cAMP, and its ability to mitigate Ca2+- dependent proteolysis in skeletal muscle. A critical component to its full effect it its repartitioning properties. As stated earlier, clenbuterol is exceedingly good at liberating fatty acids from adipose tissue. But, more than that, clenbuterol exerts this effect in tandem with large scale, itself-induced skeletal muscular insulin resistance.

Now, when you’are a type II diabetic, this isn’t so hot. However, in a healthy bodybuilder using a strong sympathomimetic you basically have the best of all worlds; plenty of free fatty acids getting released for oxidation in muscle, plenty of insulin-resistant muscle to feast on them, and pretty much all consumed calories getting spared for muscle retention and protein synthesis. Granted, there’s very little good research on human skeletal muscle in the presence of clenbuterol (particularly when it comes to athletes), but reasoned inference and extrapolation certainly paints a pretty convincing picture that clenbuterol is significantly anti-catabolic.

For starters, human research with ephedrine and caffeine has demonstrated that indiscriminate, weaker beta-adrenergic agonism significantly improves protein deposition and preserves lean body mass during periods of caloric restriction. Also interesting was the researchers’ discovery that the ephedrine and caffeine mixture wasn’t attenuatung skeletal muscilar breakdown, but was in fact accelerating protein synthesis. This was proved clinically by 3-methylhistidine examination, an index for skeletal muscle breakdown.

In the sympathimimetic group, an increase in nitrogen balance was demonstrated independent of 3-methylhistidine, which means the ephedrine was actually helping to synthesize lean tissue at a faster rate, and thereby counteracting the increase in diet-induced catabolism. I wasn’t lying when i said clenbuterol could be anabolic; you just can’t take a high enough dose to get an anabolic degree of protein synthesis augmentation without ending up in the ER long before you could get your shaky ass anywhere near a squat rack.


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