Outcomes Of Illegal Use Of Clenbuterol

Clenbuterol is a famous drug which is widely used to lose weight. However, its affectivity has been a subject of debate for a long time. Due to some of the side effects, the drug was banned by the FDA. But, one can notice cases of its usage in history. The success of these cases shows that Clen really works if used in right way with proper prescription. But, it’s illegal use that can have severe effect on social grounds. Let’s see some of the historic examples.

Case of Jessica Hardy

Jessica Hardy is famous American swimmer. During the US tests in 2008, she was found positive for the test of Clenbuterol. Swimming requires very high grade of stamina in the body. This not only influenced the image of Jessica but furthermore her carrier during that time. After numerous inquiries by US agents, she was claimed to have the drug unknowingly as a nourishment supplement or mixed in her every day nutrient intake. Regardless of this assertion, she endured a long suspension of one year.

Jessica Hardy clenbuterol

Summer Olympics

Well known Polish canoer, Adam Seroczyński, was found affirmative for Clenbuterol after he qualified K-2 1000 m event in the summer Olympics, 2008. Just like the overhead case, he asserted the drug to be given to him as nourishment supplement. After this, he was disqualified & furthermore endured suspension.

Spain Cyclist

The world famous Spain cyclist Alberto Contador endured a suspension of two years from professional biking. He was checked positive throughout the 2010 Tour de France. He faced much humiliation before he was snatched away the name of 2010 trip de France. Subsequently, it was found out that he didn’t take clenbuterol as presentation enhancer pharmaceutical. In supplement, his name of 2011 Giro d’Italia was taken from him. He should have got it from contaminated nourishment supplements.

alberto contador clenbuterol

Case of Famous Personality Mota

World’s well known pitcher Guillermo Mota was discovered affirmative in 2006. As an outcome, he endured suspension from 50 sports. After the recovery period from such a bad assess, in 2012, MLB made broadcast for his suspension from 100 sport as he was, unfortunately, tested positive for Clenbuterol, afresh. This made a grave awful mark on his carrier. No one understands when he would recover from this shock. Enquiry is being conveyed out to find out if he took the pharmaceutical knowingly.

Guillermo Mota clenbuterol use

Mexican Team

In 2011, entire Mexican nationwide football group was discovered affirmative for clenbuterol. On other hand, FIFA claimed to have 109 clenbuterol positive players of Under-17 world cup in Mexico. subsequent on, it was investigated that Mexican beef is contaminated with clen. This conceived a awful effect for Mexico in the mind of FIFA & other game administration.

Past is full of such interesting situations. The users of clenbuterol pills should have a look on this item for a clear likeness of the results for its illicit use. It is advised to take proper prescription from medical practitioner before utilizing the drugs. It is not a hurtful drug, but, the way of utilizing it makes it so.

Lastly, if interesting to buy online, make sure you do your research and choose the right vendor, online shop, and read the terms & conditions.  There are a lot of pills sent from overseas, with no guarantee of quality, expiration date, etc.

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