Clenbuterol: A Path To Easy Success

Clenbuterol tabsClenbuterol’s other names are Spiropent, Ventipulmin. This drug is most widely used as sympathomimetic amine by people who suffer from breathing disorders. It is used as decongestant and bronchodilator. The usage helps the patients suffering from breathing disorders in breathing easily.

Effects and dosage
This is well known as β2 against which have structural similarities with epinephrine and salbutanol. But it is more effective and the affects long last as a stimulant. The use of this drug increases the aerobic capacity of the body, blood pressure and transportation of oxygen. Clen dosage increases the metabolism rate of the body and the body fat gets dissolved early and easily and helps the relaxation of muscles.

The medicine is usually taken in doses of 20-60µg a day when prescribed by a right person. For men it should be 40µg and for women it should be 20µg in a day.

Cases of Clenbuterol’s uses
Clen can be used successfully if taken properly. Get the dose administered under right supervision. If not then it can lead to bad consequences. But one should remember that excess of everything is bad.

Case of Jessica Hardy
She is a famous American swimmer. She was found guilty of doping because of the use of this drug this. Swimming is a very stamina intensive sport. But she was taking it as a food supplement. The swimmer took it to tone her body down. After numerous inquiries it was concluded that she didn’t know that it could be used as performance enhancement drug.

How To Lose Weight Using Clenbuterol
Weight loss is usually a tiring, cumbersome and physically straining exercise. Nowadays there are food supplements which can be used to lose weight. But they should be administered properly. It is the easy way to lose weight.

Clenbuterol should be taken after consulting a doctor and after being prescriped from a qualified doctor. The use of clenbuterol should be thoroughly done before going for its use.

1. There are two ways for administering this drug. First is to take it for two days and then skip it for next two days. The other way is to take it for two weeks continuously and then skip it for the next two weeks.
2. It should be taken like 40µg/day for two weeks and then it should be skipped for the next two weeks.
3. If you experience some side effects like anxiety, shaking of fingers then stop taking it and consult your doctor.
4. If there are no side effects then it should be taken as prescribed.
5. If you are suggested you can increase the intake for next two cycles like 60 µg/day. But be alert of the side effects.
6. What people do is that they increase the intake to 120 µg/day. This should be avoided. Keep the intake as prescribed.
7. Its intake should not be left abruptly. It requires a turnaround cycle for safety. First of all its intake should be decreased gradually. It will take identical time for its effect to wear down.
8. Take the drug in a supplement week like 20 µg/day, if you do feel after 40mcg/day.

Significant weight loss will be noticed apart from side effects. Adverse effects should not be over-looked. Be in proper consultation with the doctor before and after the administration of the drug.

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