Clenbuterol – The magic pill

The magic pill - clenbuterolClenbuterol is a chemical which was essentially used as a bronchodilator. It was mainly used to treat respiratory ailments such as asthma, but nowadays it is gaining popularity among weightlifters, dieters and athletes due to its benefits such as weight loss, increase in stamina, muscle building and burning excess fat.

Clenbuterol is one of the most acclaimed products used for weight loss as it works mainly by building muscles and reducing the body fat. It stimulates the body’s beta-2 receptors which enhances the burning of fat in the body. Consumption of clenbuterol increases the heartbeat which is similar to the adrenaline’s effect on the body during intensive exercise. It enhances the metabolism of the body resulting in the burning of calories; also it speeds up the transportation of oxygen in the blood stream. Hence it enhances the endurance and strength of the muscles. It shapes the muscles and burns fat by increasing the body temperature. Consumption of this drug results in loss of appetite and hence weight loss.

Since clenbuterol shows its effect on the body quickly, a carbohydrate and protein rich diet should be taken along with the clenbuterol to enhance the process of muscle building. Foods such as oatmeal, eggs, nuts, beans, walnuts should be taken consumed with it. Moreover foods such as sodas, honey, jams, and cakes must be avoided to produce better results.

It is suggested that clenbuterol should be consumed for three weeks and should be followed by a three week break for it to work effectively. It should be taken in the morning just before exercising. A dosage of 20mcg/40 mcg is recommended in the beginning, increasing it gradually. The dosage must be decreased gradually towards the end of the three week course.

Although clenbuterol is an effective drug the amount in which a person consumes it must be regulated else it may lead to some harmful side effects. The drug produces different results for different individuals. A physician must be consulted before consuming it. People suffering from heart ailments are often prohibited to use this drug.

You can buy clenbuterol online; it is quite an affordable drug. It may also be available at leading gyms and fitness centers. But before buying it one must acquire proper information about it. Precaution has to be taken in order to insure that the body temperature does not increase to harmful levels on consumption of the drug.

For all its benefits and the speed with which it works on the body clenbuterol is often referred to as “the magic pill”.

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