An Introduction to the Benefits of Clenbuterol

Benefits of clenbuterolObesity and abdominal or Central Obesity has been a major cause of embarrassment, general health concern and efficiency in any work we do. People in the world of entertainment and sports consequently influence the adolescent and the adults in every society and we become conscious of ourselves. Therefore, demand for weight loss mechanisms and non-natural methods for the same have been on the rise because in this busy world people find it difficult to find time for regular morning walks and exercising.

Children prefer playing with computer games and technology instead of outdoor activities such as football or cycling or other games that require lot of running and manual exercise. They along with their busy parents, who are under pressure because of studies and office work, prefer and enjoy fast food (to cut down time) and keep gorging on them to show their status symbol sometimes that adds to the extra calories to our bodies that we usually hate but they go beyond our control. Clenbuterol Hydrochloride is one such category of anabolic weight loss drug that has become quite popular in the world of entertainment and bodybuilders as a perfect answer to an unimpressive, ugly persona due to a bulky figure and become active.

Clenbuterol finds its original patients to be the horses for asthma and other lung disorders. It had helped several sportsmen to lower and burn stored body fat thereby increasing body temperature by half a degree and also increasing the size of their muscles. It further lessened muscles atrophy and greater body mass. Similarity in the disease pushed for this drug to be used amongst humans too with a prior testing done on rats (who have similar gene patterns like that of humans). The rats however, could barely swim due to weight loss.

Chemically it is known as Beta-2 adrenergic receptor agonist that is parallel to ephedrine. It works both as a catalyst along with its pyretic effects. Animals are given liquid form of this medicine (Liquid Clenbuterol) which is certainly not the recommended mode of medication for humans. People get an easy access to this drug through the internet and there is no proper check on the sale and purchase of the same thereby leading to other kinds of criminal activities such as credit card frauds, extortions and illegal loss of money. It is made of collagen fibres and not through increase of muscles and is produced from the adrenal region of the brain and can cause hormonal disorders. Physicians and consumers both find it very difficult to fix a dose for this drug. Being a veterinary medicine primarily, it had started showing negative symptoms in humans due to which the FDA, USA, banned it from human use in 1991.

This increase in body temperature was found to be abnormal and unusual since it affected the cardiovascular system of the human body in several ways such as heart enlargement, degeneration of cardiac muscles, increase in thermogenesis that involves higher blood pressure, stimulating heart muscles, nausea, heart arrhythmia, heart failure and heart damage, overheating, excessive sweating that may lead to dehydration, lack of concentration, dizziness, sleeplessness and trembling of hands that may subside in 24 hours.

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