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Last updated on October 3rd, 2022 at 05:19 pm

Clenbuterol is a drug which is supposed to be taken by people with asthma. This drug is also considered to have a steroid like substance but it is not steroids. It is also similar to stimulant drugs like adrenaline and amphetamines. The medicine was made to serve as a bronchodilator to treat the symptoms of asthma. In other countries, this drug is only limited to horses and horses under the prescription of Clenbuterol is not subject to slaughter for food.

clenbuterol facts info For some, they use Clenbuterol for weight loss. Taking of Clenbuterol is the basic trend among celebrities in Hollywood. It’s a really effective drug for weight loss as it gives you that effect in just a matter of weeks. But then taking a drug, especially when not administered by the doctor, can be really bad for one’s health. This drug should only be prescribed and be taken by asthma victims and not for the sake of staying fit and healthy.

Everyone who wants to lose weight and stay slim loves to take Clenbuterol as their weight loss drug. The reason why this drug can be a bit effective in losing weight is because it increases your bodily functions rapidly. The intake of this drug really speeds up aerobic capacity, blood pressure and the motion of oxygen in our body. It is also effective in terms of burning fat and protein. Having all these effects work in your body are a big contributing factor to weight loss.

Basically, those who are taking Clenbuterol don’t want to lose weight quickly instead they want a large amount of weight to be taken off them. This is why most users of this drug lose weight in just a matter of weeks. It is one of the reasons why many consider this drug to be the most effect weight loss solution yet.

Aside from the positives you can derive from this drug, there are some side effects associated to this one as well. The side effects that one can get from this drug are an increase in blood pressure, body temperature and uncontrollable shaking of the body. Also, when this drug was taken too quickly especially without medication can lead to rapid weight loss and that can’t be good for one’s body. It is still important that one should take this drug under a doctor’s prescription and not just for the sake of weight loss.

For those that are taking Clenbuterol, a good and healthy diet should also go along with it. It is important to always let yourself indulge in healthy and nutritious foods when you’re under medication. So for those taking Clenbuterol, here are some foods that you’ll consider in your diet:

1. Carbohydrates – Foods rich in carbs are usually rich in sugar and starches. This kind of foods is essential in giving energy to our body. Even though most diet plans suggests that you keep off carbs, this one can be considered but then it should only be advisable in short-term.

2. Protein – This supplement is usually made up of amino acids wherein they’re ideal in building muscles as well as strengthening your immune system. So losing weight will definitely do well for you especially when you incorporate it with protein enriched foods.

3. Fats – Even though you need to burn fats to be successful in weight loss, a little bit of it in your diet is healthy as well. Just be sure that you keep the good fats and avoid bad fats like processed foods as it contributes a lot to weight gain.

Administering such drug to yourself is really bad and can have serious consequences. So when taking Clenbuterol, be sure to always have your doctor prescribe it to you first.

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