Does Hollywood Use Clenbuterol For Its Diet Secret?

Clenbuterol for weight lossClenbuterol is a drug that is used by people who suffer from breathing disorders. The drug may be used as a decongestant and also as a bronchodilator for chronic breathing disorders for example asthma in animals. The drug has also been used by some individuals for loosing weight. Although this was not its intended use it has continuously been used kin Hollywood. In the USA clenbuterol use in humans is illegal and any individual that is found to posses clenbuterol may be arrested. The drug may be imported illegally in the United States of America from other neighboring countries for example Mexico and Canada.

Clenbuterol: Do Hollywood this secret? The answer is yes. The drug after being discovered in Hollywood that it could do wonders when it came to loosing weight it became more and more popular. Speculations have come up that most of the well shaped bodies seen in Hollywood come from the use of this drug. The women use clenbuterol because it reduces weight remarkably faster than any other method. The drug is also used by some athletes as a performance enhancing drug. This drug is supposed to increase the blood pressure together with the heart rate and perspiration. Its use is the same as that of adrenaline and amphetamines.

In Hollywood celebrities use the drug for weight loss as some of its side effects which include fat loss and the growth of skeletal muscles are the properties of the drug that the Hollywood stars take advantage of to loose weight. The drug may be used by female athletes to define their muscles.Clen  has only been tested on animals and this why it is not allowed to be taken by humans. Another reason why it is highly discourage for human use is because of its very serious side effects and dangers which may even cause permanent damage to the human body. Some of the side effects are nervousness, high and low blood pressure, accelerated heart rate, thyrotoxicosis and many more dangers to the human body.

Clenbuterol: does Hollywood use this secret? Again I say yes. In a society like that image is very important. In holly wood there is high consciousness of the stars image. The stars find that there is a lot of demand from the producers, fans and mostly the reports for them look like other great Hollywood stars which were greatly admired. There is extremely great pressure placed on the actresses for them to loose weight and this may as well lead for them to find even dangerous methods of loosing weight that may speed up that process. Most of the actresses’ goal is to achieve the desired size zero or smaller weight size. The stars find themselves having have to find not just faster but also quicker methods to loose weight. This may be of serious consequences to the individuals using as it may eve n be life threatening to them. Food contamination may also cause serious consequences to the body. There are also consequences when a person takes an overdose of the drug which may eventually lead to the death the person using.

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