Francisco Vargas tests positive for Clenbuterol

Mexican Olympian and current lightweight champion, Francisco Vargas recently had a voluntary drug test done by a doping association based in Las Vegas and he tested positive for a banned steroid. Yes, positive! The Mexican boxer tested positive for Clenbuterol, a steroid that helps in burning fat.

Francisco Vargas - boxing

The amateur boxer is scheduled to headline a highly anticipated bout against his fellow Mexican compatriot, Orlando Salido that will be broadcasted on HBO, live from Carso, California. Oh! The match will be his first title defense and he will be facing a former title holder. No you understand the gravity of the situation.

Could his title and his first defense be in jeopardy?

I hope not, because Salido also has his dark past with drugs. I mean, this guy won the title back in 2006 from Robert Guerrero, but was later stripped off the title, fined and suspended after he was tested positive for a particular substance after the bout. That’s how he lost the title. Like seriously?

Well Vargas’ official promoters, Golden Boy, came out publicly and acknowledged of the positive results but went ahead to state that Vargas didn’t take the substance knowingly. ”Bandido” is highly convinced that he tested positive from ingesting contaminated meat while in Mexico since it is in Mexico where ranchers often use Clenbuterol in livestock feed. The promoters clarified loud and clear that Francisco has always been a clean fighter, and that’s why he went ahead to do a voluntary drug test in preparation for his bout. To top it all, he has never tested positive but has been clean in every previous fights.

Golden Boy quoted the Mexican sports commission, Conade, which had earlier said that coaches need to keep a close eye on meat – beef, chicken, fish and pork supplied to athletes before the Olympics in Rio this summer. Nobody wants to ingest Clenbuterol and miss the Olympics…
Previously, Mexico has been on the map since several of their athletes and performers have been testing positive for clenbuterol. Case in scenario, five international Mexican soccer players tested positive and were excluded from a major tournament. Another case, is that of legend boxer Erik Morales who failed not one, not two, but multiple pre-fight tests and he still went ahead and faced Danny Garcia for the title but unluckily he was K.O’d and was sent to early retirement in the fourth round.

Golden Boy concluded by saying that their fighter will head to the United States where he will finish his camp, and also to keep away and ensure that this won’t happen again. He will also fully cooperate with the chairing body for anti-doping CSAC and will submit his test results before the major bout on June 4th.

The good part is that the test were carried out by a third-party and might be nullified by CSAC but this is after a teleconference with all involved parties to discuss the whole issue.

As for now, the match still stands! We are just 6 weeks away from the main event. Lets get ready to RUUUMBBBLEEE!